Topical Sessions

  1. Mechanics and Dynamical Systems
    (including integrable systems and Hamiltonian stability)
  2. Equilibrium Statistical Mechanics
    (classical and quantum)
  3. Non-Equilibrium Statistical Mechanics
    (including stochastic evolutions except SLE and Boltzmann equation)
  4. PDE's
    (fluid dynamics, wave equation and NLSE, Boltzmann equation, general relativity, and elasticity)
  5. Probability Theory
    (including random matrices and SLE)
  6. Operator Algebras
    (including noncommutative geometry)
  7. Nonrelativistic Quantum Mechanics
    (including quantum information)
  8. String Theory and Quantum Gravity
  9. Quantum Field Theory
    (including field theoretic methods in condensed matter)
  10. Many-Body Quantum Mechanics
    (condensed matter, nanoscale, elasticity)
  11. New Frontiers in Mathematical Physics