Social Programme

Welcome coctail

Date:Sunday, 2 August
Time:18:00 - 19:30
Venue:Congress Clarion Hotel
Transportation:not included
Price:incl. in the registration fee (participants and accompanying persons)

Welcome coctail with small refreshment will be prepared for the participants of ICMP Congress in the lobby of the Clarion hotel.


Date:Wednesday, 5 August
Time:19:00 - 21:00 (for the participants the cathedral will be opened from 18:15)
Venue:Saint Vitus Cathedral
Transportation:not included
Price:incl. in the registration fee (participants and accompanying persons)

Concert of Baroque and Contemporary Music

katedrala.jpg, 8 kB A selection of pieces for bassoon, organ, horn and soprano will be performed in the Saint Vitus Cathedral of the Prague Castle, the heart of Prague and the country. Before the concert the participants will have an opportunity to overlook this architectural landmark.

Congress dinner

Date:Thursday, 6 August
Time:19:30 - 24:00
Venue:Občanská plovárna - Civil Swimming Bath, U Plovárny 8 Prague 1
Transportation:Metro stop Malostranská (line A) – tram 1, 8, 12 – stop Čechův most, Metro stop Náměstí Republiky (line B) – tram 8 – stop Čechův most
Price:50 EUR per person
Programme:Buffet dinner, Music, Open air Terrace, Boat trip

OPSO is a leading professional ensemble in the Czech Republic, focusing on authentic interpretation of early - 1920's - American jazz, blues and dance music. It is considered the stylistically most pure and artistically most convincing ensemble of its kind.

In its current repertoire there are approximately 260 of the most striking melodies from the 1920's. Many of these songs are near-forgotten and yet, in OPSO's experience, exert a powerfully hypnotic effect on the contemporary listener.

Thanks to use of historical instruments, original playing techniques and sophisticated arrangements, the sound of the orchestra is both uniquely authentic and original at the same time.

OPSO particularly enjoys and specialises in the Charleston, Foxtrot, Black Bottom, Shimmy, One Step, Blues and Slow Fox.

The Orchestra plays at a low-key, acoustic sound level, proffering "music to one's ears". Only the singer's voice ever benefits from amplification and the orchestra itself relies on its own acoustic effect, without need for microphones.

Trumpet, mellophone, piano:Pavel KLIKAR (artistic leader)
Violin/violinophone:Jan ŠIMŮNEK
Reeds:Tomáš JIRÁK - clarinet, soprano saxophone
Vojtěch POSPÍŠIL - clarinet, bass clarinet
Double bass:Matěj ČERNÝ
Guitar:Antonín ŠTURMA
Piano:Jiří GILÍK
Vocal:Alice BAUER


Public lecture & concert

Date:Friday, 7 August
Time:tba (approximately 20:00 - 23:00)
Venue:Congress Clarion Hotel
Transportation:not included
Price:incl. in the registration fee (participants and accompanying persons)

Science in Prague Through Centuries - A public lecture by Ivan Štoll

Mathematics, physics and astronomy developed in Prague from the Middle Ages and their history demonstrates remarkable continuity. We can distinguish two significant highlights – the first one during Carolinian (pre-Hussite) era (14th – 15th century), the second in the time of Rudolphinian era (16th – 17th century. Many Czech and foreign scientists reached their famous achievements while their stay in Prague and their work can be considered a relay of scientific thinking. We would like to demonstrate this process by reminding the names of Christianus of Prachatice, John Andrew called Shingle, Thaddeus Hayek, Tycho Brahe, Johannes Kepler, Joseph Stepling, Jan Tesanek, Franz Joseph Gerstner, Bernard Bolzano, Christian Doppler and Albert Einstein.

Chamber Music Concert

Czech chamber music of three centuries will be performed by Zemlinski Quartet. The concert programme contains: